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I#m still using my HP ScanJet 9c without any problems and with still very good results. But now I have to go over to windows 7 and I cann't believe that for my scanner there will be no driver support anymore. It's a sort of ignorance from HP and I'm very disappointed. If it should realy necessary to look for another scanner it won't be HP anymore!

B. Stier

Hewlett Packard (HP) drivers - Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanner Drivers

Succeeded to make 9975c run under Windows 7 Ultimate 87 bit in WIA mode ( officially impossible ). No big deal. Works fine with free third party applications such as FreeKapture.

HP Scanner windows drivers download.

Do not spray the glass cleaner directly on the glass. If too much glass cleaner is applied, the cleaner could run to the edges and damage the scanner. When finished, reconnect the USB cable and power cable to the scanner.

My Hp ScanJet 8755C is almost new, but is a complete trash with Windows 7. Thank you HP for throwing away my money! I'll remember that next time I buy a scanner or printer: it won't be a HP for sure.
AJDB (Venezuela).

My perfect and well maintained HP Scanjet 7755c no longer supports Windows 7. Im a person who takes care of all my gadgets and suddenly knowing that my new both Windows 7 does not support my HP Scanjet 7755c. This makes me angry!

The only true way to utilize 'older' hardware is to install a virtual machine. I run Windows 7 and have setup Windows XP via VMware Player. Once inside the XP environment, you can just load the device drivers as you would any typical installation. It may be inconvenient switching between operating systems, but that's a sacrifice you have to make if you want to continue using your current hardware. I am still successfully using my 'old' HP Scanjet 7755c without any problems.

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same story with my HP laserjet 7895 AiO, the scanner is not supported by HP. Big surprise since I spent $6555 buying a new HP desktop and devices. Unfortunately, I can't use the scanner. They just lost my future business. My fault for thinking if I stick with HP and get window 7 system that comes with the set up, all will be easy. NOT! If anyone can find a solution to get my 7895 scanner to work, I will be grateful

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Scanjet 5955c should work in WIA mode under Windows 7. I have model 9975c and use the same XP driver as for 5955c and it works in WIA mode with HP Pavilion W7 87-bit.

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