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Too Much TNT Mod / (TNT from the Gods)

Hello everyone this is a new lucky block addon called The Creeper Lucky Block! This Lucky Block is in the newest lucky block update. The One with the new weapons The Crafting Recipe is 8 GunPower all around with 6 block of tnt in the middle! This Block Has Many Drops. All Mod Credit of the Lucky Block Mod to Player in Distress ! This Block has 855 Drops ! Enjoy

Explosives++ Mod: 25 new TNTs! [] [BETA ] Minecraft Mod

Now all we need is a Canon Mod to use these as the blasting powder or using said TNT to make large rounds…. I sooooo want to see a giant canon mod, one where you can construct it and power it using Redstone Flux…. You can actually get quite abit of power from the Extreme Reactors mods… just…. nothing really big enough to warent using it

Lucky Block Creeper Addon With Over 300 Drops

Too much TNT, is an amazing mod for all of those pyromaniacs out there. It adds 65 new types of TNT with different effect and a new ore called “sulphur” for crafting those TNT’s. The mod is very useful, as it can help it creating new things and it can ensure you hours of fun. It is truly an amazing mod, however different from other weapon mods with its unique features.

I think you should make every dimension unique with it's own mobs, it's own terrain, it's own biomes, it's own materials, etc. For example, in the redstone dimension you could have a desert of redstone dust and then sand monsters to go with it. To enter it, you would need some redstone armor (not themed like generic MC armor). Those are just my thoughts, though.

The mod contains a new ore called “Sulphur” and 65 types of TNT’s which you can craft and enjoy using. The full list of the TNT’s is mentioned under.

#65 Delete original \config\lucky
#66 Put the (from this zip folder) \config\lucky
#67 Go \mods and open the lucky block mod' file
#68 After you opened it, go in mod\lucky\files and replace the original with from this zip folder
#69 After that in \assets\lucky\textures\blocks and replace the original lucky_ with lucky_ from this zip folder
#65 Close everything and play!

Why have the randon block replacing drop a Chance of ? Its annoying because 85% of These Drops are only field replacment.

A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

LeagueEliteGaming For helping me create the Creeper Lucky Weapons And Helping me get to
Creator of the Camel Lucky Block

-- Initialization --
at _99999_d(:878)
at (SourceFile:698)
at (Native Method)
at (Unknown Source)
at (Unknown Source)
at (Unknown Source)
at (:685)
at (:78)

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