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Since we first found out there were unicorns in The Sims 8 Pets, EA were very shady about how exactly you got them. They kept it a secret, until the game came out. Well now we finally got our grubby little paws on Pets, we found out how to get a unicorn! Unicorns make an awesome addition to any family, with their special powers to extinguish fires, bless Sims and plants, and teleport, as well as being able to light fires, and curse Sims. Plus they can do everything regular horses can, too!

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You don't have to do the next part, as the Pangu Axe is already in your possession, but you should probably complete the chain you've spent all this time on to get a nice reward. Move on to the Hot Springs in the next step to get plenty of visa points and ancient coins to help fund your future efforts.

How to get a Unicorn in The Sims 3 Pets | Platinum Simmers

MasterController is a mod that provides a large number of features, including but not limited to tasks that would otherwise be impossible to do in game, or tasks that would take a long time to do in the proper way. A few of these tasks include, but are not limited to the following:

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This is incredibly beautiful! One question, though. I've installed this to make my fairy girl become half mermaid (I have the mods), b/c her scale color wasn't sticking when she went into the water so I thought getting a cc tail would work. I followed the instructions, and basically the cc tail didn't work and when she went out of the water she still had her mermaid tail on. The only thing that I noticed was different from your instructions were the mod versions. The ones listed, I think, are a bit older? MasterController and MasterControllerCheats are on V688. I'm not really sure where the older versions are?

Sorry this was long :s

AntiMagicScroll is a mod that changes this behavior, so if a sim learns a recipe or a musical composition, it will still be available for other sims to use.

I highly doubt it, but it is possible, since from memory the cracked versions require you to replace files in the game directory.

These three mods do not need to be updated with each patch. The majority of mods need to be updated with each patch. Be sure to check the original source of each mod you download after each patch has been released/updated, so you can download one that will work for the patch level you are running.

Thank you so much for all of the helpful information! I just have one quick question, as I have never actually used mods in my game before.

Prior to Patch , the location of the Mods and Packages folder was rather confusing. The original path of where you needed to go every time you wanted to add a new piece custom content (hereby known as CC) was:

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