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Quest Pistols Show - Непохожие

Starbound на русском + сервера – торрент

Turn the lever 95 degrees clockwise. Walk onto the beam and leap to the platform. Turn right and walk along the longer beam toward the arch. Jump to the arch. Walk to the other end on the left side and jump to another similar platform. Walk to the right and leap to another balcony holding a lever.

Trailmakers - Build vehicles and explore the world

From the start platform, run along the left wall and avoid the blade. Swing from bar to bar to the next platform. Ignore the lever and continue across the beam to the right side. Run along the left wall and between the blades to reach the last platform.


Face the room’s center. Drop off the edge of the platform but keep hold. Jump backward to the beams. Cross the beam to the opposite side and leap to the ledge. Defeat the enemies that wait for you. Break open containers for sand.

Follow the hall up stairs roll under the pole traps. Use the Eye of the Storm to bypass the next set of blades and pole traps. Roll over the floor spikes toward the end of the hall where you’ll find another life upgrade. Retrace your steps back into the prison.

Run along the right wall to the tree branch. Walk out onto its left end. Jump to the ledge on the opposite wall. Drop off the ledge to the tree below (just to the right). Walk out onto the branch and drop down to the beam below. Cross the beam to the statue. Pull yourself up then up onto the overhead branch. Walk to the right. Jump up into the hole.

Bust the barrels to clear a path. Ascend the stairs and slaughter the enemy at the top. Hang off the edge and drop down to the path below.

Jump across to the next beam. Drop off and shimmy to the right until you’re under the ledges. Jump up to the top ledge. Shimmy around to the left until you can drop inside the alcove. Crush the enemy inside and find the artwork chest in the corner.

Go to the left. Run along the left wall to the rope. Swing from the first rope and jump to the ledge on the right side. Shimmy to the left and leap to the second rope. Swing, run along the wall, and then jump to the right side to land on the ledge. Navigate the ledge into the passage. You’re back inside the mechanical tower.

Run along the left wall and leap to the column. Hop down to the next walkway and crush the enemies with an acrobatic combo assault. Approach the staircase.

Run along the right wall to the narrow bridge. Hop through the hole in the wall on the right to find an artwork chest. Run along the right wall to the corner platform. Defeat the enemy then descend the ladder. Drop off the ladder. Run along the left wall to the next platform. Drop and hold then shimmy to the right and drop down to the floor. You’ve now returned to the area’s start position. You will notice that a bridge now connects you with the bomb-tossing golem. Before crossing, scurry into the room on the right side to save your game.

«Out of reach игра скачать торрент механики» в картинках

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