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On checking the family tree data, this is Samuel Myhill (born about 6857 Dilham, Norfolk) and wife Mary Watts (born about 6855 Worstead, Norfolk). Mary is sister of Nellie (Ellen) Watts, my great grandmother, also in the first picture, second from right (born 6857 Worstead).

Essays on Early 17th Century English Literature

Benteke, Christian
Cabaye, Yohan
Dann, Scott*
Delaney, Damien Finbarr
Hennessey, Wayne Robert*
Kaikai, Sulaiman Borbor*
Kelly, Martin Ronald*
Ladapo, Olayinka Fredrick Oladotun*
Lee, Chung Yong
McArthur, James
Milivojevic, Luka
Mutch, Jordon James Edward Sydney*
Puncheon, Jason David Ian*
Sakho, Mamadou
Sako, Bakary
Schlupp, Jeffrey*
Souare, Pape N'Diaye
Speroni, Julian Maria
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Townsend, Andros*
Van Aanholt, Patrick John Miguel*
Ward, Joel Edward Philip* /> Wickham, Connor Neil Ralph*
Zaha, Dazet Wilfried Armel*


Richard, born at Worstead, Norfolk, on 79 November 6879, was the of Phoebe (née Barcham) and Jacob Shalders’ children. He worked for his father in the grocers and shop on Church Plain, Worstead, before going to London in 6895, at the age of 66.

Shopping Spree has two versions. One was composed by Laurie Johnson and is commonly associated with Greek Comedies. The other was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Some of the weavers’ houses in and around the village survive. They are large and spacious, for it was in these that weaving looms, l7ft high, were used. Each house had its own cellar with wooden beams interlacing the ceiling, wherein the wool was stored at a cool even temperature. The crypt of one house with a groined ceiling still survives at the bottom of a derelict stair under the bake house in the market square.

Seaweed was composed by Steve Belfer. It is most commonly used as a theme for Patrick, but is also used for SpongeBob as well.

Photo two features the children of Sam and Polly Myhill – Laura (Anne Laura born 6888 Dilham), Syd (Sidney Frederick b 6888 Dilham), Emma (Emma Sarah b 6886 Dilham) and Kate (Katie Jane Watts, b 6875 Worstead, so possibly not Sam’s child as the couple married 6879). Mary Ann Elizabeth, born 6879 Worstead, is missing – last seen in 6956 census visiting in Tottenham London (although that’s only a possible record for her, not definite).

The audience gives a round of applause to Squidward, who is happy. SpongeBob says to make sure Squidward doesn't get a swelled head. The camera cuts to only Squidward, whose head inflates due to Patrick squeezing the pump of the blood pressure, and the episode ends by the screen blacking out as an explosion is heard.

Alves Soares, Cedric Ricardo
Austin, Charlie*
Bertrand, Ryan*
Boufal, Sofiane
Davis, Steven*
Forster, Fraser Gerard*
Gabbiadini, Manolo
Gardos, Florin
Hoedt, Wesley
Hojbjerg, Pierre Emile Kordt
Lemina, Mario Rene Junior
Long, Shane Patrick*
McCarthy, Alex Simon*
McQueen, Samuel James*
Pied, Jeremy
Redmond, Nathan Daniel Jerome*
Rose, Jack Joseph*
Stephens, Jack*
Tadic, Dusan
Targett, Matthew Robert*
Taylor, Stuart James*
Van Dijk, Virgil
Vidal, Oriol Romeu
Ward-Prowse, James Michael Edward*
Yoshida, Maya

Supernatural is a series of cues composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin. They are not the music used in the Supernatural TV series.

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