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You hold shift and press b. This opens an interface. You place your backpack in the top middle box, and can set blocks (in the bottom row) so the backpack will pick up the blocks and appear in your backpack. You then can hit B to open your backpack.

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Simply press ‘p’ when you have a backpack or quantum chest open and you’ll bring up the permission interface, where you can change who is allowed to use it, who is allowed to add or change permissions and who ‘owns’ the backpack/chest (defaults to the first player who opened it).

Iron Backpacks Mods / for Minecraft will add extremely

Works great! BUT… HOW can I wear it on the back? the 8D model isnt working 🙁 it would look great :/
Is it a bug or do I use it wrong?

i just made a server ( invites only ) and i wanted to make a backpack but when i am in the crafting table and put the cow hides on the right places i see backpacks but when i try to pick it up out of the crafting table he put it back in ??? someone help

There is no limit to how large a backpack can be, and if you make one too big to fit on screen, the screen will become scrollable.

Items a backpack collects can be piped into the top of a placed backpack, items it resupplies can be piped out from the bottom and any item can be piped into the back.

Although I've tried to ensure there aren't any bugs in it there may be some I didn't find, so please make backups of your save files just in case.

While placed a backpack behaves like an ordinary chest and can be used by multiple players at once. Like a named mob a placed backpack will show its name when you look at it.

The quantum chest allows you to take as many quantum backpacks as you want, so if you die, or if you just want another quantum backpack, you can just go back to the quantum chest and take another.

players r exploiting a dupe glitch with their backpacks.
I had someone show me how it works, but we cant simulate it so I don't have 655% details just yet, but it has to do with the disguisecraft plugin and backpacks plugin
6. /bp and put a nonstackable item into the backpack (fishing rod, pick, etc)
7. Use disguise craft to disguise yourself.
8. /bp and remove the items from the backpack while disguised.
9. /u and remove the disguisecraft disguise.
5. open /bp and the item is back in the backpack as well as in ur inv.

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