MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod - фурнитура мод

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MrCrayfish ’s Furniture Mod / adds in a huge amount of furniture into Minecraft. It includes various items like, couches, chairs, TVs, ovens, computers, and much more. The cool thing about this mod is that most of the blocks have very useful features to them and are not just for decoration.

Mods for liteloader - lightweight mod loader for minecraft

Quickly search for and get items in survival mode. Configurable for different server setups. Also allows option for survival pickblock.

Моды на Майнкрафт (Minecraft)

MAtmos is a sound atmosphere generator for Minecraft. Whenever you play on any multiplayer server or in singleplayer, it looks at your surroundings and generates natural noises as a soundscape, such as birds chirpling in the forest, rumbling noises near a lava lake or wind gusts on a hilltop. This fills out the perpetual silence of Minecraft.

The Better Animations Collection Revived mod seeks to enhance the Minecraft experience by reworking some of the in-game creature models to fit more and smoother animations. It aims to add a subtle effect to put a smile on your face.

Change the way potions are rendered and colored, for use with server plugins like McMMO or other plugins which give access to more advanced potion functionality.

Integration with vanilla screenshots, allowing you to take screenshots normally with F7. In-game screenshot manager with GUI, and the ability to take HUGE screenshots like back in early Beta.

Hi, Im using furniture mod for build 9, but when I tried to place couch and kitchen counter, this message “this furniture has not been added yet” pops up. is there any solution to this?

World Downloader, abbreviated WDL, is a mod that allows saving of a world on a remote server for singleplayer use. Mainly, this means that it can be used to backup your creations on a server. This is a continuation of the older version by cubic77 and nairol.

When are you going to update to ?
It’s starting to get tedious waiting for you to update the mod ’cause 6,555’s of us have updated and we’re waiting impatiently for it.
please do it soon.

The mod has a multitude of features implemented in it, such as an in-game configuration editor as well as a multitude of translations, which makes the content suitable for a multitude of Minecraft players. In addition to that, MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod features a lot of unique stuff such as stereo sounds, great implementation of the internet features and overall mod just manages to stand out as a cool set of furniture items for your Minecraft home.

«Скачать мод в майнкрафт на мебель 1.8.9» в картинках

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