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This article falls short. Personally, I don't trust ANY sites that run ad networks with Java and Flash. Also, most often it's the popular sites and services we think we can trust that malware comes from. For example, right now, gamers on Steam are being targeted by the TeslaCrypt ransomware. And, some of the worst malware ever was released with the help on Sony. I don't know which is worse, half-baked articles like this or the dopey folks that believe them. Understand this, hackers are after our money, so they compromise those related sites/apps/files. I say you are way safer downloading pirated media than using a credit card on the web.

All 47 Woody Allen movies - ranked from worst to best

And what initially pulled me into film geekdom is not what you might expect: the old movie magic specials that used to play on television. Those TV shows would show how Hollywood created illusions using, for the most part, practical effects, make-up and miniatures. Not that I didn’t watch movies like every other child, but it was the art of making the impossible possible that is responsible for sucking me deep into the world of cinema.

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Would love it if i could experience this game on Windows 65. Having the hardest time trying to get my original discs to work. Please consider adding this great game to your library.

Yet even with Tim Allen's Shatner bravado and Alan Rickman's Patrick Stewart/Leonard Nimoy superciliousness, it is hard not to get caught up in the actual space adventure behind the satire. That's this film's true magic: Behind all the geek-culture sarcasm, it's still a ripping good yarn.

Better than I thought it would be. A fun comical romp. They get more and more out outrageous. One complaint I had was the ending was just too drawn out. Just end it. You had a great two first acts and a nice twist at the end. We don't need to linger around for another 75 minutes.

TIME’s film critic Richard Corliss predicted that the franchise would turn into a hit. “In emphasizing angst over energy, the movie is much like its hero — not the dashing crime fighter in a red-and-black bodysuit but the introspective nerd who both endears and exasperates,” he wrote. “Why shouldn’t there be growing pains in the Spider–Man movie? Just as Peter’s transformation is a process of trial and error, so the series may be able to mature in the planned sequels.”

The comic genius of silent star Harold Lloyd is eternal. Chaplin is the sweet innocent, Keaton the stoic outsider, but Lloyd—the modern guy striving for success—is us. And with its torrent of perfectly executed gags and astonishing stunts, Safety Last! is the perfect introduction to him. Lloyd plays a small-town bumpkin trying to make it in the big city, who finds employment as a lowly department-store clerk. He comes up with a wild publicity stunt to draw attention to the store, resulting in an incredible feat of derring-do on his part that gets him started on the climb to success. Laugh-out-loud funny and jaw-dropping in equal measure, Safety Last! is a movie experience par excellence, anchored by a genuine legend.

Safe torrenting is still very much alive. TPB might have been the most popular and mainstream torrent site on the internet, but there are literally dozens of other high-ranking safe torrent sites, and the pirates know this. The take down of TPB has simply caused a surge of traffic onto the other high ranking torrent sites. The data center raid didn't even slow down piracy or the torrent community for even one single day.

Superheroes, assassins, and Jaegers await you in our Winter Movie Guide. Plan your season and take note of the hotly anticipated indie, foreign, and documentary releases, too.

Cillian Murphy and a starship crew are mankind's last chance for survival. They must drop a great big macguffin to reignite the dying sun or else all is lost. Despite action and adventure, Sunshine is still the type of film that inspires deep questions in its audience. How can one keep fighting in the face of insurmountable odds? What, and whom, are you willing to sacrifice in support of the greater good?

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