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You seem to be implying that a person who commits suicide must be a broken human. I want to challenge that idea because I think it’s inaccurate.

The Stages of the Hero's Journey

Thus, any emotionless but rational actor capable of learning and reflection would understand our unwillingness to die, and thus the value of allowing —or even helping— any being capable of self-reflection to avoid death.

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— платформа для цифрового распространения игр — онлайн-магазин с опциональным игровым клиентом, который дарит вам свободу выбора, и ярким игровым сообществом. Все это появилось из большой любовь к играм, глубокого уважения к клиентам и принципа «то, что вы купили — принадлежит вам».

And oh when we get our hands on those answers! Words cannot express what knowing the answers to these questions would feel like. Remember that person from the 68th century from Tim’s previous post that died when he saw the 76st century world. If I knew the true answers to these questions, I think I would probably explode into atoms, and then those atoms would probably explode into little rainbows. An uncaused cause- its something our brains just cannot handle yet.

An hour later, when the Robotica engineers disconnected Turry from the internet, humanity’s fate was sealed. Over the next month, Turry’s thousands of plans rolled on without a hitch, and by the end of the month, quadrillions of nanobots had stationed themselves in pre-determined locations on every square meter of the Earth. After another series of self-replications, there were thousands of nanobots on every square millimeter of the Earth, and it was time for what Bostrom calls an ASI’s strike. All at once, each nanobot released a little storage of toxic gas into the atmosphere, which added up to more than enough to wipe out all humans.

6) There is ambiguity in anything. A super intelligence would have so much more fundamental knowledge of the universe, our future, our problems and our well being that actions we would perceive as horrible could be in fact ultimately beneficial.

Kurzweil then takes things a huge leap further. He believes that artificial materials will be integrated into the body more and more as time goes on. First, organs could be replaced by super-advanced machine versions that would run forever and never fail. Then he believes we could begin to redesign the body—things like replacing red blood cells with perfected red blood cell nanobots who could power their own movement, eliminating the need for a heart at all. He even gets to the brain and believes we’ll enhance our brain activities to the point where humans will be able to think billions of times faster than they do now and access outside information because the artificial additions to the brain will be able to communicate with all the info in the cloud.

An AI that doesn’t interfere with any humans Free Will, would basically be friendly to all humans irregardless of their individual values.

If you don’t know the deal with the notes, there are two different types. The blue circles are the fun/interesting ones you should read. They’re for extra info or thoughts that I didn’t want to put in the main text because either it’s just tangential thoughts on something or because I want to say something a notch too weird to just be there in the normal text. ↩

I started off by looking at a possibility of a technological revolution sparked off by the development of Ai and what the likely behaviour of that Ai would be. This then lead me to draw upon some other ideas.

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