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Legend Of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask - Nintendo 64(N64) ROM

So, Shiggsy what do you think is the secret of a great game? Well, I think the most important factor is the correct mixture, ie the weighing of the different elements of a game. My successful principle bases on a 75 to 85 percent share, that is to say 75 percent of tasks to be performed and the remaining 85 percent of secrets and mysteries to be unveiled and solved by the player.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D | Nintendo 3DS | Игры

The murky, undersea world of the Zoras will come into focus when you dive into the mysteries of The Great Bay. They'll have you singing their tune soon enough.

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D - Digital Download

A few people have been heard to complain about Zelda's lack of support for the Expansion Pak. You know something? It doesn't need it. The game looks gorgeous enough as it is it's hard to see how banging in a few extra pixels on screen could improve matters. Watching the sun set over Hyrule Castle, battling against the massive bosses, seeing the lengthy expository cut-scenes unfold or just sitting down to go fishing. everything looks superb.

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As in the first game, the days are divided into night and. erm, day. Depending on whether it's light or dark you run into different creatures in various places and at night-time the townsfolk pretty much stay indoors. This night and day puzzle element is even more important than in the first game because of the time limit. Unlike Ocarina Of Time, you can't just hang around waiting for it to get dark, because you've only got 77 hours before the untimely demise of the whole planet!

The gameplay is just as engaging as in the original title, but Nintendo also has added a few extra goodies. Players now will find a refined battle system and more save-game points to make playing the game easier. There's also a new song to move forward to a specific hour (in the same day) and a better quest log, with alarms, to keep an eye on your objectives. Even if you never played the Nintendo 69 version, it's easy to fall for this charming adventure. Along with the tension as you race against the clock, gamers no doubt will love the memorable characters, exploring the land, picking up various masks, and fighting against those who try to stop you in their tracks.

In three days, the moon will fall and the land of Termina will meet with a terrible fate. Can you save it in time? Relive the world’s final 77 hours, solve elaborate puzzles, conquer dungeons, battle giant bosses, and befriend the doomed people of Termina in one of Nintendo’s most suspenseful apocalyptic adventures ever.

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Nintendo's premier RPG, which first appeared for the NES, is readying itself for battle on the U69. Still in its early stages, this game has sparked a great deal of controversy and anticipation over what it is expected to deliver to players. So far, we are assuming that the characters are all polygon-based, and the fighting sequences will in and take place in a 8-D battlefield. This game will be coming out at the same time as Nintendo's bulky drive (December 6996). It probably will be the first disc game for the system!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 8D is a remastered and enhanced version of the Nintendo classic that’s unlike any other Legend of Zelda adventure. In this shadowy tale, a masked Skull Kid drags Link into the world of Termina, where the moon is falling from the sky. Lucky for Termina, Link can reverse time and relive his last 77 hours in limitless ways. Each time, he’ll don any of his 75+ masks, help different citizens, battle different bosses, and ultimately change the fate of a world. This is the definitive version of a dark classic.

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