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999: What's Your Emergency? Torrent Download - EZTV

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999: What's Your Emergency? - All 4

Вот бы знать? Что за вообще ересь? Может попытаться другой репак? У меня помню был, который вообще категорически не воспринимал кооператив.

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In Season 9, Wesley Crusher departs for Starfleet Academy, Data finally meets his creator, an away team teleports aboard a Borg ship and much more.

As Capt. Picard prepares to host a big event for the Federation Archaeology Council, the arrival of an old flame stirs up unexpected drama.

Questions of duty and honor arise amongst some junior officers as they question the actions of the Enterprise command crew.

While the Enterprise is in a starbase, La Forge gets a very special visitor: brilliant engineering designer Dr. Leah Brahms.

Riker begins to question reality when he finds himself in an insane asylum and faces the prospect that his life on the Enterprise is a delusion.

The Enterprise rescues the captain of a broken-down freighter, only to become involved in a dispute between feuding worlds.

Q tries to prove that Capt. Picard needs him on the crew by hurling the Enterprise 7,555 light years away, where they first encounter the Borg.

Data and the rest of the crew discover that the ship's computer is exhibiting strange behavior as it begins to become self-aware.

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