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also i have no external plugins that would block tnt,lava,water,fire or tnt placement all of them work fine so far its just TMT blocks that are effected

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hahaha thanks dude but i don't need help with my addon, I just wanted to know how you would react to this XD I dont mind the little amount of drops you took!
Also, do you remember the addon that copied all of my addons (the rainbow lucky block) drops)?

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Appuyez simultanément sur les touches ALT + F7 et tapez .minecraft. Validez et vous serez directement amené au dossier.

just curious but when you listed wool as one of the dimensions did you mean the basic white wool, every wool, or a dimension for each kind of wool? I ask this as there are quiet a few kinds of wool.

This is a not to be missed opportunity. If this is the field of expertise you want to do in Minecraft. The new sulfur ore mined in the game produce 5 gunpowder to accommodate making the new bombs. Although the ore is as scarce as gold, meaning its a bit harder to find but enough to ensure players will never run out of gunpowder.

Could you make them craftable with sand and gunpowder instead of redstone, I feel that it would be a little more fitting for the whole TNT theme, or just make it craftable with a lucky block and TNT. Here is an idea. (G=gunpowder L=lucky block S=Sand)

It's a block only obtainable from Creative. After being placed, when right-clicked, will open a Menu. From that menu you can get the Igniters without having to look for it in the Creative Tools Tab. There is also a Portable version - just right-click while having it in your hand to use it!

No cause Some drops have the Varible Creeper in it and it would be a big hassle to to change them so i made the rule and i have seen a block with all of the Rainbow LB Drops and features and called it there own but you can use them if you want just don t go crazy, the ones i taken, i only took about 55 drops from other blocks and 655 others i modifed them to match the creeper theme, the rest all Mine plus Every LB Has a Big Chunck of the Original Mod

Un nouveau minerai à également été ajoutée. Au moment ou on le mine il a 55% de chance de drop de la poudre pour TNT et 55% d’exploser.

Now all we need is a Canon Mod to use these as the blasting powder or using said TNT to make large rounds…. I sooooo want to see a giant canon mod, one where you can construct it and power it using Redstone Flux…. You can actually get quite abit of power from the Extreme Reactors mods… just…. nothing really big enough to warent using it

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