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[] DaftPVF's TreeCapitator Minecraft Mod

This is a REQUIRED mod in order for any of the other mods to work.  It contains the core shared classes used by all mods I release.  If you don’t install it along with any of the other mods here, Minecraft will crash.

BspkrsCore Mod ///// - Minecraft

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BspkrsCore for Minecraft - File

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Thanks for the download. yes this does work. this mod paired with the treecapitator mod makes it a lot easier to harvest trees and when combined with the biomes o plenty and lots of food mods tree harvesting is much more fun. Thank you.

The bspkrsCore API Mod is a simple mod for Minecraft that makes little to no notable changes to your game. This mod, however, is used in collaboration with all of the Mod Developers other mods in order for them to work. Mod’s such as custom HUD’s, to more complicated game features such as new dungeons or land forms. The developer’s mod’s are a must to look at, and the bspkrsCore API takes no time to install, making it effortless and worthwhile. In saying this, using this Mod on it’s own would be pointless, unless you planned on checking out and downloading/installing some of Bspkrs’s mods in the future to go with it. As well as this, any other mod that requires bspkrsCore API will not work unless this has previously been installed.

FloatingRuins, плавающие острова, взятые с земли с мини-руинами сверху. Выбор мобов из формы, материала и толпы монстров основан на биоме. Этот мод также требует установки bspkrsCore: http:///mc-mods/bspkrscore, Спасибо theLucror!

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BspkrsCore for Minecraft adds a special function to Minecraft world. It is a mod used by bskprs to enable common code within his mods ( DaftPVF’s Mods ) to be kept in one location, including update check support.

bspkrs' bspkrsCore dependency mod for Minecraft. Contains the set of shared classes used in all mods released by bspkrs. This repo contains source files for FML/Forge.

If you want to turn off update checking for my mods, you will need to set allowUpdateCheck=false in mod_.

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