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In order to get your mod server or client up and running you need to download Forge, SlimeVoid’s Library and the mod itself. From this point you have to install forge (check their website for help) and put all archives in the “mods” folder (located in your Minecraft folder).

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I can run more mods like Aether II without issues so I don't know what's wrong, but I really don't want to get rid of this mod. I posted my last crash report over at curseforge issues, so I hope this will be addressed. However, when this mod works as intended, it's great! I noticed you also made an Iron Man mod hopefully that will eventually be updated.

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Some heroes are obviously much stronger than others, but all of them are fun to use, and most have some common advantages, such as faster sprint or stronger attacks.

The hub for all information on Fisk’s Superheroes mod, featuring the Flash and Arrow TV Shows, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more – learn about all the suits, abilities, and weapons here.

Desde nuestra web , no ofrecemos posibilidad alguna de descargar Minecraft, única y exclusivamente ofrecemos enlaces a los servidores ofrecidos por los propios autores de mods, texturas y mapas, 655% gratuitos.

ATENCION: a todos a los que se les crashea el mod no es el de ant-man es el Render Player API tienen que extraerlo y mover RenderPlayerAPI-- en la carpeta mods y quitar el anterior y ya. PD:que buen mod

Plenty of weapons are also available to the heroes, such as Repulsors and Mjolnir (which is really awesome, lightning at your fingertips!).

Some items aren’t available like that, and for that you will need the help of assistant mobs such as Stan Lee. He has access to materials found no where else, such as Asgardian Steel. To spawn him, you must craft a cellphone, the recipe to which can be found in the link above. Lucius Fox is another assistant, only available to Batman (he will only talk to you if you’re dressed as him), and called by the Bat-Handlink. He will trade you numerous gadgets for Black Iron, and is the only way of obtaining the Batmobile! Finally, Batman has access to Alfred, who while not as exciting as the other mobs, will provide food to players dressed as Batman or members of the Batfamily, such as Robin.

The mod currently features over 55 Superheroes, or variants of the same, such as many of the Iron Man suits, and alternate costumes for Batman. Each and everyone has special abilities that are available to you, but only once you equip the full set of the same hero’s outfit, no mixing and matching allowed.

Ant Man Mod / adds in Antman’s armor which lets you shrink and grow yourself. You can even throw disks at mobs or friends to have them grow or shrink them.

«Скачать мод на майнкрафт 1.7.10 на ant-man» в картинках

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