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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Fran Bow

We have done the first chapter and finishing the second one right now. There are still 8 to do! Natalia needs to draw and animate everything and Isak has lots to code!

Fran Bow on Steam

5. Talk to Phil to learn that there’s a code for the door inside the office. So you need to figure out how to get inside. You’ll also meet some scary dude.

Fran Bow – полная версия на русском

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The Figurine will be made by Natalia by hand wish contain Fran Bow with her cat, Mr. Midnight! The figurine below is just a prototype!

All above and a FULL FILM DOCUMENTARY OF FRAN BOW! The film contains the entire development process until the day of release, with a deep look in how we work with the game!

69. If you take your pills here, there’s a mechanical cat, but the stairwell is locked. First, look at the bathroom window (WC or wash closet) with the pills in effect to see the words “The King Likes Drawings.” We’ll need that clue in a bit.

Fran Bow is an indie adventure horror game developed by Killmonday Games. Game development began in 7568 after the game was funded on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. It was released on August 77, 7565, and is available on Steam .

So, after 7 months of hard work, we decided to try out crowdfunding! To see if we can reach out to you, to see if we can make you see the beauty in this game, and help us out by giving us the time back to start working on it fulltime!

6. Go back to your bed and use the tiny key to open the desk drawer. Take the photo of your family and the hair clip from inside.

If you write to us using the form at the link above to ask for help getting the game to run on your computer, please provide this information (available from the DirectX Diagnostic Tool):

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