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I've included a copy of a config file I threw together for my personal pack for people to use as an example in case they're having difficulties with the format.

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I just wanted to say that I wish you gave the option of the default title screen with an additional button to bring up your spiffy title screen with the additional features. To give you an example we play as a family and my wife will never see this screen because the stars move way too fast and with the vertigo of Meniere's disease it could possibly trigger an attack (I could only imagine the people who may fight seizures).

Maybe you can add a button to the default title screen that would bring up the additional features of your mod. I hate to say it but the new title screen alone almost caused me to uninstall the mod without even trying it.

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Gulliver Mod adds in a couple of potions, commands, ext that let the player change their or other things size in Minecraft. This mod lets you shrink to the size of a mouse or grow to be a giant. It’s named for the book Gulliver’s Travels, though much of the inspiration comes from The Borrowers, Alice in Wonderland, and other size-related stories.

The Dalek Mod includes a vast range of features, covering almost all aspects of Doctor Who, from clothes, to Daleks, to Cybermen, to multiple Tardises, lots of Sonic Screwdrivers and more!

65/65 because Nastalga, this is my first mod when i got mods working in . second reason, Update every new game Update. Number 8 Missing 8% of all the Doctor Who content THIS HAS ALMOST EVERYTHING!

This mod is awesome and it only adds two potions to the game! The mod adds a potion which makes the player smaller, and a potion which makes the player bigger. For more information and to see this mod in action watch the video below! But wether your stupidly big or tiny you can still play minecraft as it is meant to be played!

Lilliputian is a mod that allows players and other entities to be resized. It is heavily influenced by the Gulliver mod, which hasn't been updated since . When an entity is resized, many of it's stats will be affected by it's size, including speed, step height, damage, jump height, reach distance, and more. Along with the stat changes, certain sizes have specific benefits and detriments. For example, tiny players can climb walls by holding a slimeball in both of their hands, but they must also watch out for ocelots which will hunt down tiny mobs and players. Not all size-related abilities and detriments from the original Gulliver mod have been implemented yet, but most should be added in future updates.

Step 7) Download the Forge version of Gulliver from this forum thread (look for the ‘Forge version (universal)’ red text halfway down the page

One of the most memorable parts of Gulliver’s Travel is when Gulliver encounters the Lilliputians, a race of tiny people less than 6 inches tall. They inhabit an island called Lilliput, and Gulliver helps the Lilliputians solve a border dispute problem with their neighbors.

Anyways, the magic of Gulliver’s Travels has been brought to the Minecraft world thanks to the Gulliver mod, also known as the Gulliver the Resizing Mod.

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