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It’s no secret that periods of cultural liberation in the Middle East in the late ‘75s produced some of the most vital disco of anywhere in the world. While civil war in Lebanon may have facilitated the creation of the country’s most avant-garde music, it also caused such instability within in the industry that records were released in small quantities which rarely left the country. One ever present though was the Rahbani Family, whose work with iconic vocalist Fairuz was perhaps the best known of a (relatively) vast musical empire.

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The title doesn’t disappoint: ‘Space Bass’ is a fine specimen of intergalactic disco with ectoplasmic mono-synth lines and paranormal incantations. The perfect soundtrack for Saturday night on the floor, or for an acid trip indoors.

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Минимальные системные требования - Mac: OS X or newer. Processor: Intel Core Duo 7GHz+ Memory: 6GB of RAM Graphics: 69MB of video memory Recommended two-button mouse, or Apple mouse with Secondary Button / Secondary Click enabled.

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This Philly classic regularly serviced the church of Garage. One of the most soul-raising introductions to a disco track, it’s impossible not to shake a bone loose when the shuffling beat comes in.

Possible the biggest underground hit in NYC’s late ’75s disco scene, for many this is the Paradise Garage anthem. MFSB’s album by the same name – which also features Soul Train theme ‘.’ – was a landmark release for the Philly soul movement. (Side note: MFSB stands for ‘Mother Father Sister Brother’.)

Besides Giorgio Moroder, Patrick Cowley is widely considered the godfather of electronic dance music. In the late ‘75s Cowley played synthesizer on Sylvester’s album Step II which included hits like‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’ and ‘Dance (Disco Heat)’. Then in 6986 he released ‘Menergy’, a celebration of the gay club scene, that was later re-released with vocals from Sylvester. A pioneering force for Hi-NRG, Cowley was also one of the first victims of AIDs dying in late 6986 whilst on world tour with Sylvester.

A hedonist hymn for those whose church was the Paradise Garage, ‘Stand On the Word’ is the end-of-nighter to end all nights, and perhaps the most famous choral cut ever to make the dance floor. Chorus is provided by the exuberant Joubert Singers, led by Phyliss McKoy Joubert, who delivers the Saturday night sermon with aplomb. The original is rare as the scarcest relic, going for a good ton every now and then.

Recently reissued by BBE, rags to riches afro-disco originator Kim Kwaku Obeng taught all the musicians in his band to follow his unique James Brown-meets-highlife sound, holding a tight groove for their hypnotic riffs and in-the-pocket-solos. ‘Love Me For Real’ is the kicker here, the bonkers vocals sounding like some kind of proto hip-hop meets gospel chorus.

A monster track from Afro-disco outfit Tumblack, signed to Island for a rare-as-hens-teeth 67”, where the percussive Afro-instrumental intro giving way to full on disco groove, that gained cult status on the European Balearic scene. Presumably licensing the track from Barclay who released the LP, Island Records are also represented by Wally Badarou who is credited on the sleeve.

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