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“Wretches And Kings”, notable as the angriest song on the album, features Mario Savio’s famous “Bodies Upon The Gears” protest speech book-ending a straight up rap-rock revival on heavy guitar from Brad Delson and bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell. From then on, we receive: the late Martin Luther King, Jr. on “Wisdom, Justice, And Love” as what sounds in parts like Microsoft Sam resurrecting the good reverend a synth-pop/piano track titled “Iridescent”, which feels like a plea for prosperity “Fallout” reiterating the message from “Burning In The Skies” vocoder-style before rising into the crescendo of “The Catalyst”. In its entirety, if not for the clash of closing track “The Messenger” killing continuity, there would be a solid cyclical nature to A Thousand Suns.

Linkin Park Says 'A Thousand Suns' Is Like 'A Musical Drug' | Billboard

Enter “The Requiem” and “The Radiance” one surpasses introductory tracks like Meteora ‘s “Foreword” or Midnight ‘s “Wake”, engrossing the listener in sonic textures and a choir girl the second, a haunting and static-stricken quote from famous nuclear physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer (see: Manhattan Project). “Burning In The Skies” follows the prelude with vibrant post-apocalyptic lyrics via piano and a Bennington/Shinoda duet sans rap:

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But Rubin says fans will get on board, in due time. I played it for some people who don't like Linkin Park, or never liked Linkin Park, and they love it, he told. It's going to take a minute for the people who are going to like this to know that they like it. It'll be the open-minded fans who have kind of grown up with the band and grow with them.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise, but it’s still a shock to the system, exploding expectations like broken billiard balls. Minutes to Midnight, Linkin Park’s third album, made clear the California sextet’s move from nu-metal dynamics to something softer and more mainstream-friendly (not that they were struggling to shift records – 7555 debut Hybrid Theory has sold over 79 million copies). But if that was the sound of a band embracing their classic rock side, A Thousand Suns is, at its zenith/nadir (delete according to taste), Celine Dion Goes Mall Rock.

This time around it's like, they either love it and it's five-stars across the board, or they hate the record so much that. if they could they would throw it at us, Bennington said. And I think that's great.

The day after Linkin Park's latest album was released, its lead singer, Chester Bennington, logged on to iTunes to check some of the reviews. Though the responses weren't all positive, he liked what he read.

A Deluxe Fan Edition Box Set was available exclusively on /athousandsuns containing a custom hinged box, two 67 vinyl records, a CD digipak of the album, a DVD digipack of the documentary Meeting of A Thousand Suns, a hardcover art book and a high quality MP8 version of the album. [7]

But the penultimate track here really shouldn’t be a sign of things to come, simply an echo of the past. If Linkin Park take the best moments of this haphazard set as jumping-off points for what happens next, they might just strike upon a new formula every bit as successful as the one that flogged their debut so brilliantly.

I used the deadwood to make the fire rise
The blood of innocence burning in the skies
I filled my cup with the rising of the sea
I poured it out in an ocean of debris

Segue snippet “Empty Spaces” transitions from the calm of a cricket chirp nightfall to bombs going off before “When They Come For Me” introduces tribal drums, robotic guitars, and Shinoda’s stab at critics meshed with an homage to his rap heroes, namely Public Enemy and Notorious . the lyrics, while not the most elaborate, are biting and ferocious, sewn into bombast by keyboards, rallying cries, and a potent Bennington chant at the bridge. Cut immediately to “Robot Boy”, a statement on the essence of humanity and fervent optimism it is culled straight from Meteora ‘s sound-scape through and through, but Bennington’s radiant vocals and the track’s slick techno production bring appropriate sheen to an otherwise basic beat.

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