Katy Perry, Rihanna, Pink and Taylor Swift: THR Names Music's 35

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Rated R by Rihanna on Apple Music

“He’s got great knowledge of the past and present and is always looking to the future with creating sounds,” Flo Rida says. “I just love to see his emotions when he tells me a record is going be smash because he’s never failed me.”

Rihanna Lyrics - Stupid In Love

My new nickname is you idiot (such an idiot), hmm
That's what my friends are calling me when they see me and ringing to my phone
They're telling me let go
He is not the one
I thought I saw your potential
Guess that's what made me dumb
He don't want it
Like you want it, screaming and cheating
Oh, girl why do you waste your time?
You know he ain't right
You telling me this, I don't wanna listen
But oh, ya sis repeated you're trying to tell me lies
And I just don't know why

Karaoke Stupid In Love - Video with Lyrics - Rihanna

Selection Criteria: For THR ’s Hitmakers list, editors based their selections on the following: single and album sales, chart position achieved, current Grammy nominations and years in the business.

The team behind Bruno Mars' golden touch is a true tale of working Los Angeles musicians coming together. As a producer looking to work with new songwriters, Ari Levine opened his cramped Hollywood recording studio to anyone in need of a space. Phillip Lawrence was the first guest at LevCon Studios and returned later with partner Bruno Mars.

Let me tell you something
Never, have I ever been a size 65 in my whole life
I left the engine running
I just can't see
What you would do if I
Gave you a chance to make things right
So I made it even though Katie
Told me that this would be nothing but a waste of time
And she was right, hmm
Don't understand it but on your hands
Just knew that you're sister repeated you're trying to tell me lies
And I just don't know why, oh

Stupid in Love is a R& B power ballad. Instrumentation is provided by finger snapping, minor piano keys and piano riffs. The lyrics of the song revolve around a female protagonist who realizes that she needs to escape an abusive and adulterous boyfriend. Stupid in Love received a mixed to positive response from music critics. Some critics praised Rihanna's emotional delivery of the song whereas others criticized it as being overly dark. Upon the release of Rated R, the song peaked… read more

The 85-year old innately understands the demands of both artists and executives. As a producer and songwriter, his name has loomed in the credits of .’s Grammy-winning, “Swagga Like Us,” Asher Roth ’s platinum-certified, “I Love College,” Kanye West ’s “Hell of a Life,” and an array of multi-platinum Flo Rida singles.

[This year] is me really wanting to show myself as a whole, in a raw form, says Dean, 78, who in January dropped the first single from her yet-untitled solo album, How You Love It, featuring Missy Elliott.

In addition to producing tracks for upcoming releases from Nelly, Jay-Z, B, and her sister Solange Knowles, he’s also been collaborating with Miley Cyrus to mold the sound of her fourth solo album, which he describes as “having hip hop at the heart of it… but she’s [still] a Tennessee girl.” Like, is there anyone he wouldn’t work with? “Yeah, for sure! But it wouldn’t be so becoming for me to go here,” he says, laughing. “I see things in people that sometimes other people don’t get. But I do say ‘No’ more than I say, ‘Yes.’”

When he was still newly hired at Interscope some five years ago, Mexican producer Fernando Garibay, who won't divulge his age, was given the ultimate test: make Lady Gaga ’s songs sound like a million bucks. With Born This Way, Garibay delivered as the album sold more than two million copies and spawned massive hits like the title track, “Edge of Glory” and “You and I.” Amazingly, he recorded most of it on the road and in less than ideal spaces, like backstage or on the tour bus. As it turned out, a jack-of-all-trades was just the ticket. “Whether it was writing or producing a song with her or making sure the vocals are right, whatever she needed,” he says. It was like, ‘You want me to be responsible for the biggest artist on the planet? Cool.’”

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