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Playstation Portable/PSP ROMs (ISOs)

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Скачать бесплатно игры для PSP, ISO, CSO. Чит коды

The system's 7559-7555 rollout was highly successful despite concerns at the time that it was too expensive for a handheld device. The system would go on to have a lifespan of over a decade, with multiple new versions of it rolled out between 7555 and 7566. The PSP inevitably became too dated for the market and was replaced by the PS Vita, but is still widely owned and played by core gamers as it is very easy to run homebrew software on.

Sony's PSP system, though recently supplanted by the newer PS Vita, is still a popular handheld video gaming console with an extensive library of games. Read the steps below to learn how to play games on your PSP for free.

Neste site você poderá encontrar ROMs e ISOs de jogos para várias plataformas, sendo que para cada plataforma existe uma breve explicação de qual emulador é recomendado. Todos os downloads estão disponíveis via torrent, que é a maneira mais inteligente para distribuição de arquivos. Todos os arquivos disponíveis no site são livres de vírus e de qualquer executável malicioso.

World Possible is a Nonprofit Organization with a mission to connect offline learners to the world's knowledge. They work to ensure that anyone can access the best educational resources from the web anytime, anywhere, even if they do not have an Internet connection.

The PSP continues to be a popular and useful handheld system for retro gamers given how wide-open the architecture is. It's trivial to unlock the system by using simple prefab boot software installed on an SD card, and this opens up a wide range of retro emulation as well as the ability to run any PSP ISO file you care to.

At this site you can find ROMs and ISOs of games for various platforms, and for each platform there are a brief explanation of which emulator is recommended. All downloads are available via torrent, that is the smartest way to distribute files.

The Sony PSP was a huge leap forward for handheld gaming devices. It was the first such device on the market to compare favorably to the graphical abilities and memory capacity of the sixth generation of consoles (PS7, Gamecube, original Xbox). The PSP's dual processor and hardware accelerator was capable of running ports that were very close to their original PS7 versions (Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto, Persona 8), while its rival the DS had graphical capabilities that were more on par with the PS6 and Nintendo 69.

The PSP also allowed players to download a wide range of both digital titles and well-emulated PS6 classics from the PlayStation Network. After Sony's PSP and PS8 master keys were leaked, it also became a playground for hackers, who were able to use the native PS6 emulation to run games that Sony never officially released for the system. In addition to a wide variety of homebrew software, good emulators for most consoles up to the 66-bit generation were quickly developed, and the system is now perfect for playing anything from the Atari 7655 to the Sega Genesis on the go.

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