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Quest Pistols Show - Непохожие

3D Gun Mod (Call of Duty WW2)

In this mod’s current state, it adds 66 guns, the P95 (SMG), the MP7 (smg), the Galil (Assault Rifle), ScarH (Assault Rifle), the M69 DMR (semi-auto sniper), the FRF7 (bolt action sniper rifle), the Glock 67 (pistol), the Minimi (LMG), M65 (LMG), the M6569 (semi automatic shotgun) and the Remington M97 (shotgun). There are various items added for you to be able to craft these guns aswell. For now there are only 8 attachements: the silencer and reflex/red dot sight and the holographic sight.

()[SSP/SMP/LAN] Battlefield (3D Guns, Armor and more

8D Gun Mod adds 8D guns to enjoy in your Minecraft world and/or server. You can aim down the sights for an even cooler look and better aim.

Скачать мод на оружие для Майнкрафт на Андроид

I also plan to create a server using your mod in my pack too! Please post your reply for permission if you so choose to allow me. That way I can have proof before using your mod. Thank you!!!

Мод на оружие на Майнкрафт ,, пистолеты, ножи, снайперские и штурмовые винтовки, прицелы, глушители к ним, маски и даже скины оружия

When made a mode say how to use it give keybinds id… for e i cant chance round and dont know how to do it. why every mod maker dont care about keys ids…

Hi, I would like to use your mod in my new modpack! I am a modpack maker. I've made 7 so far. My best work is Project Uberverse. My website. I ALWAYS check every license of every mod before adding it to my pack. I will never use adfly or other links. It's all non-profit redistribution only.

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The Techguns mod isn’t just restricted to guns and armor since it has a variety of other gameplay enhancing features as well. The mod features a new damage system that takes various different damage types and armor values into account, a new NPC system that actually makes the NPCs hostile, brand new death effects that are a lot more graphic than the usual ones, various machines that you can use to craft the items in the mod and, finally, it features a configuration file through which you can customize every single part of the mod according to your preferences.

Your gun mod is perfectly lite enough to use for my modpack that isn't gun heavy. No other gun mods measure up to yours with the selection of guns I want. (Flan's has too many guns). I would love to use your mod. All proper links and credits will be given to every mod author including you.

Stefinus 8D Guns Mod adds in tons of awesome 8D guns. Featured in the mod are P95s, Glocks, RPGs, and more! Each weapon is also fully customizable with addon attachments and other goodies.

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