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Thaumaturgy is the capability of a magician to work miracles. This is what this mod is all about - drawing magic from physical objects in the form of Essentia and reshaping it to perform miracles.

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Q: How do I automatically respawn and kill the Ender Dragon?
A: Use Block Placers to create the Respawn platform, and activate it with an Autonomous Activator. Measure how long it takes for the Dragon to respawn and use a Timer to fire at it with multiple Autonomous Activators full of fully upgraded Draconic Bows. Collect the loot with a Vacuum Chest, and use the MFR Chunk Loader to load the entire area (You don't want half of your contraption - maybe the part that fires the Arrows - to shut off.)

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Q: How do I automate the creation of Necromantic Stones?
A: Use a Level Emittor to emit a signal if you have less than X amount of Necromantic Stones in your ME System, and use a Daylight Sensor to only trigger the crafting at night. Use a slow Timer (so your Altar can recharge), and each time it ticks, throw the required items in the circle and activate the Ritual with an Autonomous Activator. Use a Vacuum Chest with a filter to collect the Necromantic Stone.

Thats ok! Each sword has a tooltip with the Mod to use the sword on and the chances of a trophy drop, with and without looting.

Q: How do I automate Death Protection Poppets?
A: You have 7 options: Use ZZacharium related items or the Infusion Altar. If you use Zzacharium, first make an automted Thornvine farm, and an MFR Auto-Brewer. To automate the Witchery ingredients, use multiple Altars, and encaged areas to drop items into Cauldrons with a Dispenser. You can use any Fluid Conduit to supply Water to the Kettle and the Cauldron. If you use the Infusion Altar, you will only need to automate the Witchery part, but crafting will take longer.

Hey Atricos was just playing through the pack and am currently on blood magic. was trying to find how to unlock the quest for the twilight clock and found that the one quest I was missing (I had the crystallos already) so I popped into a SSP world and found that for some reason, it was gated behind the quest for weak blood shards. Is there a reason for this? I made a twilight clock without making a bound sword, so I'm unsure if this is just an old, unchanged quest from a recipe that used to be different. Just thought I'd bring this to your attention (you probably already know). Thanks! -djnysted

Edit: Just discovered the backups. Thank God for those. Some progress will likely be lost but better that than everything. I'll post whether that worked after I finished eating. Probably will work though

DIVINE RPG! OH MY GOD! I loved this back in the day I can NOT wait for more of this awesomeness! Divine rpg is, in my opinion, much better than Eternal Isles.

Q: I can't complete X quest. Why?
A: There are some known quest bugs: https:///projects/divine-journey/issues/6
But none of them are gamebreaking. This also explains why I'm not fixing them.
If you want to forcefully unlock a quest, type /hqm edit or /hqm edit playername ingame. (This requires Cheats to be toggled on in Singleplayer, or for your to be OPped in Multiplayer.) This gives you an OP edition of the Quest Book, where you can unlock any quest by Shift+Clicking on it.

Q: I can't build a Blood Magic Ritual, because the Ritual Diviner is gated by other things. What to do?
A: You can build the Ritual by hand, and color the Stones with Elemental Inscription Tools. Once they are bound, they can also be repaired by right clicking with them.

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