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Autumn Aurora - Repack - Все моды на STALKER - Тень

While it adds a number of new features and elements, Autumn Aurora also serves as compilation mod, so it adds a bunch of stuff that's appeared elsewhere. Add that to the fact that It's been ages since I've played any vanilla version of the Stalker games, and having used various mods over the years like Complete, LURK, the Zone Reclamation Project, Oblivion Lost, Misery, and others, I have completely lost track of what was included in the original games, which mods add which weapons, animations, sounds, textures, features, bug fixes, and so on. In other words, some of the following may seem a bit familiar if you've already spent some time in modded versions of Shadow of Chernobyl or the other Stalker games.

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl Autumn Aurora

The UI could be slightly changed and moved more towards the centre of the screen but for the most part, It works and It's something different.

STALKER-shadow of chernobyl / СТАЛКЕР-тени чернобыля

Вторая версия Autumn Aurora привносит осеннюю атмосферу в зону и значительно преображает графику, звук и геймплей . - Shadow of Chernobyl. Мод включает официальный AtmosFear для ТЧ, которого не было во фри доступе. AtmosFear был переработан на осенний стиль.
Так же, Autumn Aurora содержит новый Absolute Nature для ТЧ с моделями деревьев из АН8 ЗП и некоторыми новыми.
Autumn Aurora 7 - это замечательная возможность для каждого фаната сталкера вновь погрузится в мир Чернобыльской Зоны Отчуждения, но с новыми ощущениями.

// Bandages \\ -
Overtime healing was a very nice touch however since It takes so long to apply a mere bandage, this mechanic doesn't feel nice combined with bloody screen because it's going to take time for it to disappear which results in ruining gameplay experience having to hide in a corner all the time. This is very noticeable at the beginning of the game as medkits are a rare resource.

Medkits, when used, don't instantly heal and aren't instantly consumed. While you're using one, you won't be able to fire a weapon, so you'll have to hole up in some cover for a few long seconds as you listen to the sounds of first-aid being applied. What's more, your health won't instantly spring up, but ever-so-slowly climb back to normal. And, you can't just pop open three medkits at once: while the effects of one are underway, you can't use another until the first has finished.

Never mind, now the arguments became the save corruption 'ac' one. With only the main quests on my PDA and right before the end too, feelsbadman.

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Автор Chorik

От автора:
Назвать это творчеством, значит покривить душой(лепил из готового).За основу взял текстуры Басикса, разбавил их другими, не такими мрачными. Живую природу, небо, визуалы, не трогал. В целом получилось нечто постапокалипсическое. Кто то их назвал Старая Зона, что ж пусть так и будет Установка на сейвы игры не влияет, не понравится, можно переставить родные Солянки и играть дальше. Кто решится: удачи! FPS будет только в выиграше. Подойдет к любой версии Солянке, особенно у кого FPS садит фотозона, и кто играет на на статике. Текстуры становятся на любой мод, кроме фотозоны, хоть на чистый Сталкер.

// Bloody Screen \\ -
When health is taken down to a certain state, your screen will become red/bloody which becomes very obstructive.

Installation : It's a hefty 9 gig download from Moddb, but it's got its own installer, so there's no manually mucking around with a bunch of folders and files. One note: if you play Stalker via Steam, there may be a conflict with the Steam overlay. This FAQ will explain how to void it by disabling the Steam overlay if you experience any start-up crashes.

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