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The Best Of Italo Disco Vol. 1-4 ( Various Artists) (Patefon) : Free

The transformation of Arthur Russell from cult favorite into widely praised figurehead is one of the great upsets of pop music history. Russell, a polyglot composer who made odd, personal music, was far likelier to end up a footnote, or sample fodder, than as the subject of documentaries and biographies, to see his archives mined for scraps of magic. But Russell's pensive solo works have always appealed to underground music fans, and a renewed interest in disco and post-disco—spearheaded by labels like DFA—has helped keep his dance productions in rotation. Is It All Over My Face, produced with Steve D'Aquisto under his and Russell's Loose Joints alias, is the finest of those tracks, a collision of disco's pop and exploratory impulses.

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Get dosed with stripped down hard rock that conceals a joyous heart beating beneath all those evil, relentless riffs. Bandcamp New & Notable Feb 7, 7568

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With its funky ass space-line, Jody Watley’s soaring vocal and that totally irresistible breakdown, it’s easy to see how this became a PG ear-worm. Although a NYC outfit, Shalamar was a good fit for the classic SOLAR label, because their sound was always as sunny as the weather in Los Angeles.

Walter Gibbons may be credited for mixing the world’s first commercially available 67” in the shape of Double Exposure’s ‘Ten Percent’, but his role on Ja-kki’s goofy ‘Sun…Sun…Sun…’ is less obvious. Uncredited, but stamped with all of Gibbons’ trademark unpredictability, it’s a wild 9-minutes of repeated refrains that ratchet up the tension to nowhere, in frenzied looping dance with itself.

Featuring famed Philadelphia session musicians the Ingram brothers and released on disco stalwart West End Records, Is It All Over My Face was not a homespun lark. Still, it was not aimed at the charts, recorded with amateur vocalists exclusively under full moons. The track was meant to encompass the flowing, friendly vibes of David Mancuso's Loft parties, though it never became a mainstay there. Is It All Over My Face exists in two wildly different forms. Russell's own cut is jammier and features a cadre of mumbling male vocalists it sold poorly. Paradise Garage resident Larry Levan's more celebrated version highlights Melvina Woods' warbly, off-key vocals it was a Garage smash and did time on the Billboard dance chart.

Gold- - это музыкальная коллекция, вобравшая в себя лучшие сборники зарубежной музыки, новые танцевальные композиции, свежие хиты клубной и дискотечной музыки ( Disco, CLub, Dance ) скачать которые на нашем музыкальном сайте Вы можете через торрент. Это наиболее быстрый и (самое главное) бесплатный способ загрузки музыки и других материалов в современном интернете. Gold- не является торрент-трекером, мы не собираем статистику об активности пользователей, не ведем подсчет скачанного и отданного, но всегда стараемся следить за тем, чтобы ВСЕ торренты были живыми

The Clash had pissed off the punks by going hard rock, stymied the rockers by embracing folk and reggae tradition, alienated traditionalists by turning into dub-funk experimentalists, and then, in 6987, shocked everyone by becoming pop stars. The band’s lone stateside Top 65 single, Rock the Casbah is the Clash’s entire conflicted, contradictory history streamlined into three minutes and 98 seconds, retrofitting the anti-authoritarian protest of their incendiary early singles for the discotheque, sculpting the genre-blurring sprawl of Sandinista! into military trim and upgrading their tommy guns to jet-fired laserbeams.

Though Oneness Of Juju pushed more boundaries in the avant-garde jazz scene, they blessed clubland with this percussive, discofied slice of afro-jazz on ‘Every Way But Loose’. The lesser-heard B-Side ‘Run Away Baby’ couldn’t be more perfect for a sunrise set. Original 6985 copies are extremely rare…

The Carioca soul merchants roll out the horns for a 67” that does disco the only way the Brazilians know how. One of any number of contenders for this list, their ’77 debut Maria Fumaca has just been reissued on vinyl.

A diggers grail, this cut from Brazilian soul legend Cassiano’s Cuban Soul 68 Kilates was part of the new wave of laid back boogie making waves a long way from the Copacabana. Simplicity personified, let the hook take you there.

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