After Upgrading to iLok License Manager , My iZotope Plugins

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Tutorial - How To Use The iLok License Manager Software — Pro

Anyone who opens their iLok License Manager, as I did this morning, should be presented with this rather unfriendly warning that you need to update your License manager software.

ILok License Manager iLok USB Key or Direct To Computer | Time+

Since 7568, the iLok License Manager software has been at the core of how we manage the iLok licenses, that protect a lot of the software we buy. This article and the video from Avid cover how to use the iLok License Manager software to manage for iLok licenses.

ILok License Manager Error and PT10/11 errors - Avid Pro Audio

We have a number of iLok related help articles including a tutorial on Tutorial on how to use the iLok License Manager software, Setting Up Your iLok Account, The iLok License Manager And Activating Protected Software, and What Do I Do If My iLok Is Broken, Lost Or Stolen? In this article, we are going to cover some of the other iLok related problems that can crop up.

Licenses in unlocked groups can be split up - some group members can be on an iLok while others from the same unlocked group are still in your account or on a different iLok.
When you drag a member from a group, you will see just one license move if it is from an unlocked group, or all members of the group move if it is a license from a locked group.

The Account View shows you your licenses and the grid is customizable. You can right-click on the table header to choose which columns are shown. You can dynamically sort the list of licenses by clicking on a column header and even drag the columns to rearrange them.

Transferring licences between different accounts (also known as transfer of ownership) is a very similar process to transferring within your own account and is great if you want to buy and sell any plug-ins from other users. It is handled securely by , but be aware that this type of transfer is not free. Buying and selling iLok protected software is not without its pitfalls. We recommend you check 8 articles on this before you start buying and selling iLok protected software.

With the release of Pro Tools and iLok Cloud compatibility, we wanted to share in this article, up to date information about iLok Cloud compatible software and plug-ins, as we get it from brands and the community. Please be aware that this article will be updated as the information and compatibility status changes.

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Community member Nathan Ruyle has reached out to us asking if we would share his experiences after buying an iLok protected plug-in on line.. I just had a recent experience with an iLok software license that I thought I would share with you as a cautionary tale about purchasing software from individuals rather than a vendor.

There are three ways to transfer a license. There is a $75 fee per license or bundle (locked group) for transferring licenses to another account, but each License Transfer order has a maximum charge of $55, so you could transfer two licenses or 65 or 655 and the price would be the same - $55.

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