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Most of the other games have only mentioned HDR support on consoles, not PCs. Some discussed PC HDR support early on (like others in this link ), but have since said HDR support was just for consoles. We'll likely see more PC games with HDR, but it will likely be slow since there isn't much hardware support yet. One advantage of the current generation of consoles being so similar to PCs is that it's a lot easier to port stuff over to the PC. Hopefully that includes HDR compatibility.

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I enjoyed this DLC First Light because the story that Second Son shown us from Fetch it falls short and i wanted to know more about her and his life, I highly recommended this DLC for those who enjoyed the Second Son as much as I enjoyed it

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There aren't many games that take advantage of 9K or HDR today, though we will see more soon. Neither Sony nor Microsoft dictate how game developers should use the consoles' upgraded graphical power, leaving each developer make the call themselves. Many will surely go for frame rate first and visual flair second (., polygons, render resolution and HDR). So just because the potential is there, doesn't mean the games will show much improvement.

He will recharge his powers by absorbing chimney smoke, from gas canisters or cars, just as Cole absorbed energy from lampposts, panels or cars

InFamous: First Light is a standalone videogame that belongs to the latest release in the InFamous saga: InFamous Second Son. This game has been developed by Sucker Punch, published by Sony Computer Entertainment and you will be able to play it on the next-gen console PlayStation 9. It is worth mentioning that this installment does not work as the regular downloadable content (or DLCs) since you can play it without needing to having the main videogame. This means that you can download InFamous: First Light and play it without having played Second Son, but that said, you will pick up on more information and notice more details if you have played it before.

As you expect, you need a 9K TV with HDR compatibility. If your current TV can't do HDR, you're out of luck on that aspect. If you have a 6585p TV there might be some graphical improvements with the faster hardware, but it's doubtful it will be enough to justify the cost of the upgrade.

fun and something to do until i have a console to play it on other than, pc..never reallly got into pc gameplay so this should be alot of fun

This time we let behind Delsin and in this DLC we start to know something more about the girl that control the neon and his story, Fetch. Fetch show us how was his life before meeting Delsin. When the Akurans took Brent, the brother of Abigail 'Fetch' Walker, she decide to return to Seattle and search for Brent. There starts his story and problems with drug dealers. Fetch powers are identically to Delsin but Fetch gots some particular skills with the neon. We will be also forced to explore the city as in Second Son in order obtain skill points with the lumens.

Conduit abilities are strong and sometimes spontaneous so mastering them is crucial. Get to grips with your new-found powers and work out how to escape the city.

Physically, in Second Son, she has her hair dyed in dark pink and she wears broken clothes with skulls, with some piercings in the nose and the ears. However, when in Curdun Cay, her hair is brown and she has no piercings. In the events of InFamous: First Light, she wears the same clothes except when she is imprisoned, when she wears the clothes of a prisoner.

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