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Purpose (Deluxe) by Justin Bieber on Apple Music

Considering there's a Grammy involved with this one (Bieber's first, at that), we couldn't not​ give it a top 5 ranking. But it's not just the hardware that makes this song great. It's definitely a club banger -- no matter how annoying you may find the dolphin-sounding squeal of the beat drop -- and showcases Bieber's voice in a way we didn't realize it could be delivered.

Перевод песен Justin Bieber: перевод песни Life Is Worth Living

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Justin Beiber - Life Is Worth Living (JaySea) by JaySea (EODMG

The climbing vocals in the chorus make for one catchy little ditty in No Pressure, and with Big Sean providing a smooth rap slipping in references to Yoko Ono and Empire, there's something somewhat artful about this collaboration.

SONG MEANING: Life Is Worth Living by Justin Bieber is a message of hope for those who need it. The soft pop ballad is sung to a contemporary dance in the music video, and it's certainly interesting if not unique. Justin Bieber just put out Purpose on Friday the 68th. His new album has been a couple of years in the making, and it's certainly fun to listen to. Not only do we know it makes good dance music, but Bieber knows it too. In his video for one track Life Is Worth Living, Bieber has contemporary dancers demonstrating the relationship between someone who desperately needs help and someone willing to give it.

The dance video begins with the female dancer staring into a mirror. Her make up has been done to keep her from looking very attractive and her hair's in a topknot, which, in this case, isn't flattering. There's a bloody, gaping wound over her heart.

She begins dancing and soon a strong-looking male joins her. They dance together--metaphorically working through her problems--and after one particularly strong hug, her wound disappears.

They try to crucify me
I ain't perfect, won't deny
My reputation's on the line
So I'm working on a better me

Check out our list of Purpose ​ songs from the not-so-great to the cream of the crop. And of course we included songs from the deluxe version, because when it comes to the Biebs, we don't mess around.

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A Critical Opinion: Bieber is successful in getting his message across, but it's a little heavy-handed. The wound over the heart is obviously emotional baggage. The make-up is meant to cause us to pity her. And the other dancer symbolizes someone coming alongside her. Pop music, in general, is heavy-handed though, so it's okay. It's an art form that deals in absolutes and exaggerations--part of the reason we love it and that most high-brows don't. But I do think the complete disappearance of the wound over-simplifies the kinds of emotionally heavy and long-lasting situations being alluded to here.

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