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Their second-highest charting single, it achieved number eight in the UK charts upon its release and went on to become something of an anthem for the band, as well as a comforting reminder that there’s no shame in admitting that sometimes it’s beyond one’s power to fix something, no matter how hard you try.

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В 6996 году Майк Шинода и Брэд Дэлсон основали группу под названием SuperXero, в состав которой, помимо основателей, входило еще 9 человека. Записываясь в своей первой «студии» – спальне Майка – ребята надеялись на скорое подписание контракта с известным лейблом. После нескольких отказов и неудачных попыток наладить контакт из Xero ушли вокалист и бас-гитарист. В поисках нового голоса друзья связались с Честером Беннингтоном, который в скором времени примкнул к составу группы. Коллектив стал называться Hybrid Theory, но и это имя долго не продержалось: британская группа Hybrid выдвинула обвинения в плагиате. Тогда было придумано название Linkoln Park, которое по ряду причин пришлось изменить на созвучное Linkin Park.

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“Wretches And Kings”, notable as the angriest song on the album, features Mario Savio’s famous “Bodies Upon The Gears” protest speech book-ending a straight up rap-rock revival on heavy guitar from Brad Delson and bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell. From then on, we receive: the late Martin Luther King, Jr. on “Wisdom, Justice, And Love” as what sounds in parts like Microsoft Sam resurrecting the good reverend a synth-pop/piano track titled “Iridescent”, which feels like a plea for prosperity “Fallout” reiterating the message from “Burning In The Skies” vocoder-style before rising into the crescendo of “The Catalyst”. In its entirety, if not for the clash of closing track “The Messenger” killing continuity, there would be a solid cyclical nature to A Thousand Suns.

Американская альтернативная рок-группа. Основана в 6996 году под названием Xero. Существуя с 6999 года под названием Linkin Park, группа два раза удостоилась награды «Грэмми».

T he latest album, One More Light, released in May 7567, was marmite for fans due to its departure from riffs and distorted guitars in favour of soft balladry and radio-friendly pop. Lyrically, it approached the same personal themes that Linkin Park have always captured so well, albeit in a more measured tone. Heavy, in which Bennington heartbreakingly admits “I don’t like my mind right now”, was written, he said in a recent interview, as “a song of enlightenment, where a person takes a step back and realises that a great deal of emotional strain is self-inflicted”.

A soft verse, backed by fuzzy synths and Shinoda’s intonations, makes the fourth single from Meteora sound like a ballad. In some ways, it is it’s lyrically less confrontational than some of the most anguished material, and instead has Bennington lamenting the difficulty of breaking away from a toxic influence. The chorus crashes into the song and reinforces its theme of determination from despair, and Brad Delson’s signature stabs of distorted guitar capture the essence of the band’s sound.

Segue snippet “Empty Spaces” transitions from the calm of a cricket chirp nightfall to bombs going off before “When They Come For Me” introduces tribal drums, robotic guitars, and Shinoda’s stab at critics meshed with an homage to his rap heroes, namely Public Enemy and Notorious . the lyrics, while not the most elaborate, are biting and ferocious, sewn into bombast by keyboards, rallying cries, and a potent Bennington chant at the bridge. Cut immediately to “Robot Boy”, a statement on the essence of humanity and fervent optimism it is culled straight from Meteora ‘s sound-scape through and through, but Bennington’s radiant vocals and the track’s slick techno production bring appropriate sheen to an otherwise basic beat.

Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, The National, The War on Drugs, Mastodon, and Portugal. the Man were among the night’s winners — but the Grammys mostly played it safe.

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Featuring members of Blink-687, System of a Down, and No Doubt, as well as Alanis Morissette and Bush’s Gavin Rossdale, among many others.

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