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The mod has to be installed on the server for the world to recognize the couches and other furniture. You can have the item… I think. You just can’t place it.

Furniture Mod | Minecraft Mods

The images below are an example of what can be achieved with mods: The top image shows classic Minecraft without mods, while the bottom shows Minecraft with a graphic mod. The difference is amazing.

Pocket Decoration - Мод на Мебель в Minecraft PE

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Is The Update For The New Furniture (washing machine stools things like that) out yet? i really need it to fill in the rest of my kitchin
and also GREAT MOD Ive used it for ages niw

One of the good things about Minecraft is the profiles. Whatever happens on each profile doesn’t affect the rest, so you can have a profile with Forge alongside another independent one. If the Forge profile is corrupted, you can easily create a new one.

If you get this mod ( which I highly recommend ) definitely try out these three items, computer, Telivision and toilet 🚽

Looking for even more mods? Here are a few additional Web sites with constantly-updated lists of the best available Minecraft mods for downloading. None of these sites are officially affiliated with Minecraft, but they’re trustworthy and safe for downloading.

Omg! This is so useful when I’m trying to build a house in creative! I really love it, Its actually quite fun! 😀
Thanks for making this mod!

I like this mod because it makes me want to hunt zombies. With the 7 new recipes for flesh and cooked flesh, I can finally not have to make a “Rotten Flesh Garbage” chest!

Если вы хотите, чтобы в вашем мире было комфортно, вам просто необходим мод на мебель / / , потому что тут вы сможете найти очень интересные предметы, которые очень круто украсят ваш интерьер. Да и вообще, мебель как в жизни, так и на MCPE просто необходима.

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