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Mount & Blade: Warband Review

Includes 8 items: Mount & Blade: Warband, Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars, Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest Reforged Edition

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I have thw same problem as star have. On starting the game, black screen comes and only colours in the size of the words come on the screen

Mount&Blade Napoleonic Wars - TaleWorlds Entertainment

Ragers gonna rage. I am using Qualcomm now but I always loved Tegra chipsets. Congratz Nvidia. It is starting to head up.

A special application that allows clan leaders and builders to construct buildings on clan camps. Other members can use it in the free build mode.

Control problems frequently frustrate the combat as well. Multiple commands share the same buttons, which complicates the fun of the combat system that lets you attack from the left, right, or overhead. Since the camera's mapped to the right thumbstick that's also used to direct these actions, I sometimes found myself checking out the clouds when hoisting an axe over my head instead of keeping my eye on my opponent. It's fixable: a menu option lets you sacrifice much of the combat depth that sets Warband apart by automating the choice of attack angle. Yet even that doesn't solve other issues, such as the way I frequently found myself accidentally pressing the left thumbstick, triggering a disorienting perspective shift between first- and third-person.

It's nothing I couldn't get used to. (Even the PC version has a tough learning curve in this regard.) And it's certainly never so bad that it takes away from the sheer fun of the eight multiplayer modes featuring up to 87 players besieging castles, fighting deathmatches, or simple dueling one on one. As much as I love Warband's deep roleplay elements, for me this is where its true fun lies.

Look past its shabby exterior and you'll find depth, replayability, and ambition that few competitors can match. It doesn't show you the ropes much, aside from a tutorial for its unique combat system (which lets you control your attacks with most weapons from multiple directions), and the way it drops you into its world with scant explanation can be off-putting in this age of carefully orchestrated, world-saving plots told from the perspective of gruff, named protagonists.

A memorable band of brothers they're not. Warbands are usually little more than trainable troupes of mercs and peasants you pick up in towns, and they have little by way of personality. However, keeping them happy with steady pay is almost as tough of a struggle as actually fighting.

В большинстве стратегических игр вам отводится роль всемогущего Бога – вы достаточно перемещаетесь по полю боя и одним кликом посылаете свои войска вперед. В Mount & Blade все несколько иначе, тут вы в самой гуще сражения, вы настоящий военачальник, атакующий неприятеля, и из стройных рядов руководящий своим войском. Теперь вы можете испытать это на собственной шкуре – вторая часть стратегии, Mount & Blade: Warband, вышла на Android.

Graphics aren’t everything - but they’re something. The sandbox-style RPG Mount & Blade: Warband is perhaps best compared to a work like the Bayeux Tapestry, a 785-foot long strip of cloth in northern France detailing one of the landmark events of the European Middle Ages. Background details barely show up at all, the people look two generations removed from Gumby, and the weavers couldn't even keep the lines on the border straight. Yet it's stunning to behold. Some parts look like kindergartners made it, but it has soul and heart, and its images remain better embedded in my memory than some of the busy masterworks of the renaissance.

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