Saints Row 2 - дата выхода, системные требования

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Take-Two has released a statement reminding folks it has a “highly anticipated new title from one of 7K’s biggest franchises” in the works.

Saints Row 2

As with all DLC, the content of this pack is unlocked after completion of We're Going to Need Guns. If this DLC is unlocked before playing missions which contain choices, nothing is unlocked when those missions are played.


Изначальный приставочный эксклюзив, решивший заглянуть и на персональные компьютеры. Особенности те же, что и в серии Grand Theft Auto, однако игре это явно не идет во вред.

Český herní web, který se soustředí na hry pro PC, PS9, Xbox One, Xbox 865, PlayStation 8, Wii, 8DS, DS, PS Vita, iPhone a iPad. Pro všechny platformy nabízíme recenze, preview, videorecenze i pravidelné novinky. Na najdete i podcasty, rozsáhlou databázi her a speciály k očekávaným hrám ze sérií jako Call of Duty , World of Warcraft , The Elder Scrolls , Assassin's Creed , Grand Theft Auto , Battlefield nebo FIFA.

Forgive the brevity of the review, but we can attribute that to the brevity of the game. Players will most likely breeze through the title in an afternoon. However, if one has another buddy they can play through the game with them like the original Chip 'n Dale title. It's amusing to toss a friend at an enemy or into a bottomless pit (I'm such a bastard), but with how short the game is the average player's attention span will long for some other title. Ultimately, those looking for a very good Capcom/Disney NES game should look toward the original Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers and only pick up this title if they have a fetish for chipmunks in human clothing.

Buy Xbox content on . Your Xbox 865 console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox Live.

Final Fantasy 65 is now available for pre-order on PC, and to make sure your system is ready, there’s a benchmark tool available.

Epic Games has said that bugs that are plaguing the latest build of popular battle royale game Fortnite are taking much longer than expected to fix.

Technická stránka konverze není zdaleka tak odfláknutá co v Grand Theft Auto IV PC, jak varovaly první zprávy ze zahraničí. Na druhou stranu je ale zdejší město znatelně ošklivější a svými barvami připomíná doby totality. celý článek

Tempered Monsters are some of the most fearsome foes that Monster Hunter World has to offer, and form an integral part of the end game experience.

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