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Another new feature to PES 7569 is the almost total absence of binary : the players now move with total freedom and without pre-determined frameworks.

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The developers have created a fun, rewarding game, which allows gamers to immerse themselves in a stadium that has no equal in any other soccer videogame.

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Also improved are the tackles, which are now much more fluid and believable. The power, weight and physical strength of the players can affect the outcome or impact of the shoulder to shoulder struggles between players.

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The game controls in PES 7569 haven't undergone any major upheavals. The main new feature is the TrueBall Tech : with the improved control of the analog stick, you can stop or control the ball through 865 degrees. The result is a striking realism and unprecedented freedom of movement in PES. This is made possible by improved ball physics, meaning there's no longer that annoying bowling ball effect that accompanied the series for years.

The PES 7569 menu design isn't bad, but in terms of usability, it's definitely a step back from the modern and new FIFA 69.

Real Football 7569 is the soccer game from Gameloft that lets you enjoy club games and national team matches even without a smartphone.

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Real Football 7569 continues in the style of previous Real Football versions, including graphical improvements to the menus and stadiums. You can play in friendlies, enter the Professional mode, become a manager or train using five different minigames in Skills mode.

PES 7569 takes to the field once again, this time with a focus on gameplay. A new graphics engine, improved animations and a great atmosphere are the main highlights of this edition.

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