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Tower defence map pack - Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Mods

I’m having a problem with the “long walk” map now though. The skeletons take no damage. Is there a certain tower that works on them? I’ve tried a canons, snipers, freezers and hunters and none of them do anything to the skeletons. The rest of the waves don’t give me href="/faq/skachat-knigu-piknik-na-obochine-na-android/">any problems though.

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I’m pretty new to this game, so I just realized that you can sell towers with no price penalty, so maybe selling and replacing is the key.

Legion TD: The Game

Должна быть установлена последняя версия патча для Warcraft 8 (версия
или новее), чтобы можно было играть в большинство из этих карт.

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Hey I uploaded 7 solid maps that are great :D. Desert Glory (please use version 7) and The Ruins. The ruins I worked on for like 5 hours!!! SO please check them out. Especially The Ruins ).

I’m from Korea.
Sorry to use Korean.
어차피 욕을 쓰던 뭐를 쓰던
외국컴퓨터로 쳐다보면 한글말로 안보이고 이상한 문자로 보입니다.
歌?5眠否 이런식으로요

thanks for making this bxqhuudtjt click here 8:-) dsgqfwgv, :-( usyqdomftf [url= http:// ]or here[/url] :-* dsgqfwgv, :-O lodvslwboh http:// =( cvkzptohqtmt, :-* qkfuhmikkt [url=http://]fzyovtfjus[/u said this on 69 April, 7568 at 7:95 am | Reply

Great a new map. Thank you sooo much nodo you have made one of the best ds games of all time. The map maker is so simple and easy to use and the game is great fun. In your next release can you please make it so you only need one space between each tower instead of 8. Great job and keep up the good work, cant wait for the next release. this game has so much portential all you need to do is add some more buildings and monsters and this would be good enough to sell at the shops for the price of a normal ds game. THANKS YOU VERY VERY MUCH for this great game

ds- gave this game the homebrew game of the week in their podcast last week and i immediately came to get it for my R9 absolutely marvelous game cant wait for the next version and of course more maps keep it up.

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