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Lego produced a lot of games, but not every one can be said to be fine, like this LEGO Ninjago Shadow of Ronin can only be said to be law-abiding. Game combat comparison mode, as long as the application can be used from scratch to the tail, and operational defects also make the battle become slightly boring. Of course, the game in the puzzle design is still more interesting, but unfortunately the existence of pig teammates sometimes have an impact on the puzzle.

LEGO Ninjago Shadow of Ronin APK + OBB

First talk about key operation. The number of buttons for this is not particularly large, virtual joystick plus jump, attack and special skills three ordinary button, not very good for the action game players such as the number of keys is acceptable, but this key operation The flaw is that the virtual joystick is fixed.

LEGO Ninjago: Тень Ронина - скачать на андроид, на

As the game is a puzzle relationship, the game will be a team of two teams to explore the mode. But because of these puzzles a wide range of organs, each organ is not the same solution, so the game provides a lot of roles for players to use.

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Скачать LEGO Ninjago: Тень Ронина от разработчика Warner Bros. International Enterprises вы можете по ссылкам ниже. Версия данного приложения от 8-65-7566, 59:69. Обратите внимание и на версию андроид вашего устройства - это приложение требует android не ниже чем . Также в блоке загрузок есть full версия приложения, мод версия, на деньги, или много денег.

Fortunately, the story is to remove the game, the game every process is not very long, and the amount of puzzle and fighting to do more balanced, and will not let the players feel that this game is pure puzzle, or this game is purely fighting.

Пак персонажей из Lego Ninjago, в состав пака входят следующие персонажи:
Ллойд (ZX)
Джей (ZX)
Кай (ZX)
Зейн (ZX)
Коул (ZX)

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Why is it that virtual joystick fixes is a flaw? That is because the game will move the role of the default way to walk, only when the player will push the rocker to the end, the role will run up. However, the joystick is fixed means that the player in the control of the role of movement, the need to often make a large sliding in order to allow the role of running, the use of mobile phones, then it is not a big problem, but if you use the Tablet PC this big screen, then operate up It will be quite depressed.

If the key operation is only a good way to set the joystick, then the next touch operation is the whole problem. Because it is a simple sliding screen control, touch operation naturally can not cope with the key operation under a variety of complex operations. For example, with cyclone skills to jump to the height, touch operation is difficult to achieve. Not only difficult to achieve complex operations, and even simple things to touch the operation is also not good, for example, hold down the screen at the same time with another finger click on the screen in order to let the characters jump jump up action, I would like to ask designers to play Not tired?

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