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The base damage for guns are 7,5 hearts. The damage added to that is (gun material + bullet material) / 7. So a wood gun with wood bullets does 7,5 damage, a stone gun with wood bullits does 7,5 damage an stone gun with stone bullets does 8 damage. Wood = 5, Stone = , Gold = , Bronze& Iron = 6, Diamond = , Emerald = 7

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft / | MinecraftSix

Anyone downloading the Ancient Warfare 7 mod will want to start with the Core module, which is required for all the other modules to work. The Structure module allows the user to input new templates which are then utilized during world construction – this makes it possible to make NPC villages more useful, or cause random dungeons to spawn in the wilderness. Then you have the NPC module for non-player characters, the Automation module to automate tasks like farming, the Vehicle module to add new rides to Minecraft and more. Some of the modules are more complete than others.

CustomNPCs () - Моды на Майнкрафт

Players who spend a lot of time with a particular villager will eventually be able to marry that same villager. This leads to children, which grow up over time and can be of much use to the player. They will carry goods, perform tasks and aid the player in various other ways. More than ever, the Minecraft Comes Alive mod makes settling in an NPC village a worthwhile endeavor for Minecraft players. Before this mod, they were just nice things to find here and there, but with Minecraft Comes Alive mod installed, players will be searching diligently for the next big village.

It’s a good mod u just need to install it right, my friend is planing on getting it on her pc but…. I ONLY HAVE THE POCKET ED and it’s not avialable on the mobile devises i wish it would… plz send me a link for one that is like pc but for the newer iPads…..

Did you guys download the archive RadixScore?, with me work perfectly. Oh!, and, dont use a texture pack, that make appear the purple error block, hope that help you 🙂

customnpcs{_alpha} [CustomNpcs] (Custom-NPCs-Mod-) Unloaded- Constructed- Pre-initialized- Initialized- Post-initialized- Available- Available- Available- Available

wtf (what the fudge) this is not downloadable it just broke my minecraft now my floating island world has to be deleted just so my minecraft will be fixed i built my floating island for 6 week 🙁 🙁

В модификации присутствуют функции, указанные в игре отметкой «WIP» (от англ. work in progress ). Они не завершены или не полностью протестированы, и при их использовании возможно ухудшение работы игры или её аварийное завершение.

I have a comment!!! The people doesn’t exactly farm althrough-out the hired time. They start farming, then stop moving, and doesn’t go to sleep. Hunting makes the person disappear also (but returns at night). There are “missingshakehandchildthingy” also. It would be best that they farm on their own and does stuff without hiring them. Plus the guards keep popping up even when not spawned! Try to make it realistic, not confusing.
They seem to be quick tempered too.

Bro, no matter how many times i re download this on different websites it keeps screwing up the visuals every time I change the color for a model. in fact, I cant even change the color for a model without it doing some crazy shit. Tell me why this happens every time I download it pls.

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