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When I said: “any kind of mob”, I really mean it! Not just mobs of the original Minecraft, even mobs included from other mods can be copied and transformed into by Morph Mod thanks to its wonderful compatibility with other mods. Not just mobs’ appearances, every ability, and characteristics of the mobs like flying of bats, slow falling of chickens, breathing underwater like squid, fire resistance of zombie pigman, or even the ability to be … burnt under the sun of zombie can be copied once you transform into those mobs. Morph requires Minecraft /, Forge Mod Loader and iChunUtil.

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Ok Im having a problem. I have several options of a bird. How do I choose one of the options? I want to be a blue bird, not green :C

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iChun’s mods are well-known for their high compatibility. iChun is a great mod developer of Minecraft – its prime time. He has created a lot of outstanding mods, and most of them are still being used in hot mod packs. Morph-Mod is one of such masterpieces – it allows players to transform into any kind of mob in Minecraft.

It's very loose block of sand. It can be found in desert in various pits or just flat surfaces. It's very dangerous when you fall into it, because it's very hard to get out of the pits.

A suggestion: It would be also cool if you could add Crusted Lava which is viscous lava covered with a thin layer of obsidian, netherrack or stone with glowing cracks that breaks under your weight.

Naturally generated mud that can be found in swamps. Usually it's not so deep, but there is deep spots which could be thighs or waist deep. Walking there without Wading Boots is hard.

Dense collections of webs used as nesting for spiders. While it can hold the weight of them, it cannot hold the weight of much else. These sticky strands won't let go of any prey. It is very sticky, and extremely hard to escape on your own. They can be found in roofed forest and sometimes other areas where larvae pits would spawn.

Sometimes, you just want to have an out of body experience. The Morph mod for Minecraft lets you do this by allowing you to turn your player character into literally any other mob in the game. Want to be a villager? Just make the selection and you’ll be huffing and sighing like a pro in no time flat. Want to be a chicken, a cow or a pig? Sheep work fine too. This mod isn’t just limited to friendly entities either – you can become a skeleton, a zombie, a ghast or even an Ender Dragon if you wish. You don’t just look like the critters either you get all their attacks too!

На этой странице можно скачать мод на превращение в мобов для Майнкрафт /. Для его работы необходим Forge и iChunUtil, которые можно взять на нашем сайте.

The most dangerous type of Unusual slimes, and the most rare for meeting. The Tar Slimes could be meet only near Tar Pits that makes this place even more dangerous. Any contact with them coat careless victim by thick sticky layer of tar, which not only slow down them, but prevent any attempts for attack or escape. If this Slime caught you, you has only 6-7 times for successful escape, covered by tar, but alive. The best tactic against them don't come closer or contact them at all - use only range weapon.

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