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Magic Clover Mod / (Random Item Drops)

If you can answer a few questions for me, that will help me figure out what's happening, and how we can fix your problem. Here they are:

Which version of Minecraft are you running?
Which version of the mod are you using?
How are you spawning the horses?
Are you using other mods? Have you tried the mod by itself?

Also, if you can copy the crash message and post it here, that will really help me figure out where things were going wrong.

Resonant Rise - Modpack - Modpack Index

The recipe will only accept one type of food while crafting, if you have sweetcorn and no Tomatoes just switch the Tomatoes in the recipe for sweetcorn.

Magic - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

At the current time, no. This is probably something I can change in a future version, though. I think it is a good idea to make the fire independent from other fire types in how it works.

I'm using this in a private modpack, and I'm using loot++ to change drops in chests from other mods. I'm having trouble with the scrolls, though. Whenever a scroll is generated to a chest, the scroll isn't a random spell like I hoped - instead it's a Scroll of [Empty Slot]. I don't seem to be able to do anything with it. Any ideas how I can make these scrolls random spells?

Soul Crops:
Soul crops are new to this mod, these crops are similar to killing a mob, once fully grown, when you harvest them they drop similar to the mob crop it is . Skeleton Soul Crop, when harvested drops bones, arrows and rare chance of a bow and a skeleton head. Recipes for the seeds are below:

Light Blue = Combat Potion
Dark Blue = Super Combat Potion
Yellow/Light green = Defense Potion
Green = Super Defense Potion
Pink = Movement Potion
Dark Pink = Super Movement Potion
Brown = Ultimate Potion

Infused Diamonds and Infused Diamond Armor:
An Infused diamond can be crafted to create better and stronger armor, the armor will protect you better than diamond and has the same enchantability as gold armor, recipes shown below:

I got a zebra/kirin from a pegasus/kirin and a hippocamp/kirin, and instead of the inventory saying Magical Horse Inventory or whatever, it says I voted for you, Kevin
Easter egg? :P

A: Go into Wizardry's config file (or Custom NPCs' config file, either will work) and change the enchantment IDs. Please do not pester me about it!

Magic Essence: /> Magic Essence is one of the main items in this mod, these are used to craft the new Magical Crop which you get resources from.
There are 9 different types of Magic Essence, Weak, Regular, Strong and Extreme. To start you must mine Weak Essence which is found underground at layer 85 and below, and spawn in vanes of 6-5, once mined with an Iron or better pickaxe it will drop 6-9 Magic Essence (this will drop most if you have fortune.) You can use these weak essence to creater strong and better
ones, recipes below:

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