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Quest Pistols Show - Непохожие

World War I Minecraft Texture Pack

It only worked on my Gta San Andreas map and I deleted MCPE I downloaded it moved by it self I deleted it again!IT STILL DOSENT WORK FIX IT PLZ IM ON MY MINI IPAD PLEASE SEND ME LINKS WITHOUT PC JUST A EASY WAY!

Пакет ресурсов — Minecraft Wiki

Добавил русификацию самолетов WоW, так там на форуме самолетном нет подобного, а тут может кому-то пригодится,кто любит еще и полетать

NMCs_Texture_Pack_for_FO3 at Fallout3 Nexus - mods and

Could you please make another add on like this but with a Subaru WRX STI 7559 texture I really enjoyed your add on but I’d love to drive my dream car in minecraft! 😊

Hello Can you Make A Tank it’s ok if it dosent shoot or Cars like Lamborghini
By the way nice modeling you’ve made

I want to ride it together…
How to do this, because every time my friend presses “drive” both are getting out of the car…
Please help!!


файлы просто взяты с RU клиента.

Пакеты ресурсов станут отличным помощником создателя карт, ведь появилась возможность изменять названия предметов, редактировать сообщения о смерти, сплеши и даже создавать простые модификации.

Too bad this is the only car addon that looks amazing, also why not replace every hostile mob with this amazing addon? As well as making different versions such as race cars, hummers, etc. If it does improve to that level then this would be my #6 recommended addon out of every addon 😀

При помощи пакета ресурсов можно добавлять в игру новые языки. Для примера возьмём файл ru_, находящийся в папке %appdata%/.minecraft/assets/minecraft/lang.

Can you try and make a vehicle with a horse so u can actually controll it. I’m not sure if it would work but the saddle could be a seat and the Armor can just be Armor

«Скачать текстур пак сервера military world» в картинках

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